Teaching your kids about
money shouldn’t be boring.

Financial literacy is important

Teaching children financial literacy is a big responsibility! When you teach your children how to handle their money, you are teaching them how to succeed in life. We recommend that the first step is to discover their Money Personalities. When you know your childs money personalities it makes it easier to not only understand how they view money, but it allows you to teach them with a better approach. We know with three kids of our own, that our parenting goals are similar to yours – no spoiled brats, less of the “gimmies”, no crippling debt, and kids who know a dollar actually takes work. Which is why we are always creating new resources to help with the “how-to’s” of teaching your kids about money without the headache. One of the best gifts you can give to your child is money sense.

So, let’s make it FUN with The Money Kids

Sofie Spender

Sofie is an aspiring dancer with an expensive taste. Once she gets her paycheck, she heads to the mall to spend her hard-earned money on fancy new outfits as quickly as she can.


Security Steve

Steve is a police officer because he likes to keep people safe. Similarly, he likes to protect his money, ensuring he and his family are always financially secure. Steve regulary plans out what he will do with his money to ensure it won’t be wasted.


Risky Ricky

Ricky is a stuntman who loves the thrill of uncertainty, which is why he loves gambling with his money. Ricky hopes that the risks he takes will ultimately afford him a bigger payout.


Penny Saver

Penny is an artist with an eye for the finer things. But she doesn’t like to spend money. Whenever she’s out shopping, Penny likes to find the best deals so that she can save as much of her money as possible.


Francine Flyer

Francine works as a flight attendant in order to satisfy her need for adventure! Francine goes wherever the next plane takes her because she hates planning. This means she also doesn’t plan with her money either, spending and saving without any real direction. Francine prefers to “fly by the seat of her pants.”


Where do you go after the assessment?

Once you learn your child’s money personalities, head to our resources tab! There are some great tools for you to utilize in your journey with childrens financial literacy.